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Zhejiang Huangyan Target Mould Co.,Ltd.

Since a small workshop, £¨2 decades of expertise in mould,every year, Target Mould has had great development in management, quality and turnover. Based on the precision tooling, high technology and top mentality mould design. we has established the main market in Spain , Italy , France , Portugal , Iran and Australia°≠
Target Mould use Pro-E, Solidworks, U.G., and Auto-CAD for moulds and plastic parts design, with very strong mould design and drawing reading ability. This ensures the good technical communications with clients, which can avoid any mistake occur.
Target Mould creates a special and professional management system, which is specially suitable for mould design and parts quality controlling, moulds tooling and processing controlling, mould operation quality controlling°≠ Our whole working team absolutely trusts that good quality and services are based on good management.
Target Mould tooling range: The biggest mould we can make currently is 60 TONS.
Our major: washing machine, bumper, automotive inner trim parts, refrigerator, air conditioner, water dispenser high standard moulds. Also, Target Mould is professional in other high standard moulds design and manufacture, such as industry dust bin, various bin moulds, crate, chair, thin wall injection moulds, PET perform moulds, stamping mould,Target Mould produces annually 800to 1000sets of medium to large sizes of moulds°£ with a turnover of more than 8M USD in the year 2006.
Target Mould sincerely express keen interest to invite your down visit and receive any further inquiries related to plastic mould or plastic parts cooperation.

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washer mould
Washer Mould



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Auto Lamp

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Display Mould

Air Condition
Air Condition

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Dust Collector


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Zhejiang Huangyan Target Mould Co.,Ltd.
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