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Manufacturing Flow


The processing procedure is as below:

Receive the 2D/3D data.

Do feasibility study.

Review the mold standard and requirement, submit it to the designer.

Have the verdict meeting to decide the layout

Start designing.

Print out the preliminary drawing and have the review meeting.

Revised the drawing according to the comments on review meeting.

Submit the preliminary drawing to customer.

Perfect the drawing as per the feedbacks.

Submit the drawing to customer again if needed.

The customer approve to order & cut steel.

Order insert material, mold base, hot runner system (if needed).

Issue out the mold drawing and detail drawing.

Start manufacturing , QC will check the component after every procedure.

Fit the mold.

Polishing and assembly.

Mold trial T1.

Deliver T1 samples to customer.

Measuring the samples.

T1 mold review meeting.

Receive the feedbacks of T1 samples.

Modify the mold.


Send out the T2 samples for approval.

T3 (if needed).

Approve OK.

Arrange shipping.


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